My Name is _________ _______, I’m in charge of public relations at the InfoLinkNetwork. In the next few minutes I’m going to highlight Six New and Unique internet products from our Video Communication and Information Technology Divisions.

InfoLink is debuting NetVison. It’s like TV on the Net. Net Vision gives users the ability to netcast Live to millions of people. NetVision is also InterActive, meaning the Moderator can be Seen and Heard and the viewers can communicate with the moderator by instant messaging text. With the simultaneous use of our Video Netphone, both Moderator and Caller can See and Talk with each other. NetVision can be used by anyone to netcast any type of show. You’ll learn more of this shortly. As soon as I’m finished talking, these screens can be accessed for more information and you can be linked directly to each site. As an example, clicking on NetVison accesses the NetVisionNetwork. (6 Seconds of play).

Ok – We’re Back. You can see more of this later, so let me tell you of another exciting product, called TalkByPC. TalkByPC is an internet phone which enables anyone to call anywhere in the World Free. You can use it by Voice or a combination of Voice and Video, so you can not only talk, but SEE each other. You can also text by instant messaging. It’s portable too, you can use it with your laptop. The phone has video and voice mail with connection to email. Here’s what it looks like. Just click on this Button later to access the NetPhone.

InfoLink has developed software for Businesses to use in an Internet Video Sales Presentation. It’s called the Sales Transactor. It’s a combination of TalkByPC Video NetPhone and our 100 Video Line Pbx Business NetPhone System. These services are both Free for any Business.

Sales will never be the same once Business starts using this product because this brings Customers and Sales Reps into Live Video Contact. Seeing eye to eye instills the necessary confidence for customers to purchase on the net. The Sales Transactor offers numerous features such as a telestrator whiteboard and Laser Pointer for sales presentations. You can display documents, pictures, etc. You can also show videos of products, specifications and descriptions on any pre-recorded video with a click linking to a NetVision production. You can send and receive documents, even contracts for electronic signatures, which are now legal. You can even remotely control the customer’s computer to help fill out forms, etc. We’ve also built all of these features into our TalkByPC Video Netphone. We’ll talk more Sales Transactor Features later in our advertising segment. To see more later, just click the button on Sales Transactor over here.

Next, I want to introduce InfoLink’s powerful Video Conferencing and Meeting Software, called MeetByPC. It’s totally Internet Based, so there are no Telephone charges, unlike Webex and others. It’s also Free for Business use. Companies can have many different offices use it simultaneously with all having totally interactive live communication. The Moderator can have many people participating in video or audio at the same time and anyone can have a private meeting with any participant during the meeting. You can access MeetByPC by clicking on this button later. These products are all internet based and they can operate on a dial-up as well as broadband internet service.

Next, we’ll talk about the ability to communicate from the internet to a regular phone. Our subsidiary, Netphone2Phone is a VOIP service which enables you to use your computer video phone to call a landline phone at about a half of the cost of regular phone service.

To See Netphone2Phone, click over here after I’ve finished this presentation.

We’ve got so many incredible communication and informational products that I’m just going to place buttons down here at the bottom of the screen, there’s InfoLink Blog – a Free blogging system which can be used for Audio/Video or Text. We’ve also got RSS InfoLink with Free publishing and reader software. We’ve got low cost ISP – our internet service is 600% Faster than Dialup and take a look at InfoLink Advertising. It will be a big factor in our success.

Now, I’d like to talk about our new Search Engine, called Tunnel Search. We think this Search Engine can change the internet. Tunnel Search returns more relevant results than any other engine because it searches the Deep Web. We also cluster the results so users can segment the pertinent results for faster searching. In addition, we have Scan Shot, which enables the user to view scan the full page prior to opening the page. You can instantly view 10 pages in under 10 seconds. These features speed the search process and save you time, so we’re Faster and more Relevant than any other engine. The Scan Shots have ads slotted on the top of each page for more noticeable location. I’ll be through in a minute and you’ll be able to use Tunnel Search and try it out. InfoLink’s Tunnel Search is just over here.

These products are all technology breakthroughs. They’re all so unique – no one else has them. We know where Yahoo and Google make 90% of their Billion dollar incomes – don’t we? Its in Advertising. We think we can change that monopoly and grab a huge share – almost overnight – Hang in there because I’m about to explain how – then you can access all the sites.

InfoLink Ads will be presented through the InfoLinkNetwork – on all of our 50+ Specialized Directories, on NetVision, InfoLink Blog and RSS InfoLink and on our Tunnel Search Engine.

We will place a Free Connector button link on every participant website on the internet to connect users with the business website by video. This enables customers to See and Talk Live with every website business on the net. We’ve built all the features of the Sales Transactor into this “Direct Connector Button” which we call “Click to Talk Live.” It can also be used by any business which uses NetVision to produce a Show. They will have a Direct Connector button for viewers to video connect for information.

We believe the Click to Talk Live Feature can change internet sales. We’ve already contracted with most of the major retailers to assist them in sales and we think this revenue could equal the advertising revenue. We have also developed anti-credit card fraud software for net-retailing.

Thank you for your interest. To replay this presentation, click the Replay Button. For a text transcript, click the Transcript Button. To See the sites in action, click on the Site Buttons. To view a message from the President of InfoLink, click on the President’s Message Button. Click Here